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Our Recruitment Process

It depends on the role that you would like to help us in.  We do part time, full time, voluntary and paid. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Previous ministers only

This is made by prior invitation to our BWSE Directors


Please feel free to apply at our present positions at anytime. You don't need to be a part of the team yet.


Only Associates are allowed to apply for this posts. This is an opportunity to be inducted as our BWSE 'leader in training' in an area that you may not be familiar with but you are ready to learn and develop leadership skills

Associate: Current Vacancies

If you have a desire to help an organisation to start  your journey in ministry or work in general, start here. You will be a volunteer supervised by our Fellows (Leaders in Training). 


To project visual and audio communication on screen during BWSE events


To project visual and audio communication on screens during BWSE events


To provide excellent customer service experience at all BWSE events


A musician/singer that can use their gift to bring excellence in worship


To provide comprehensive administrative support to the ministry teams.

Fellows: Current Vacancies


The ideal candidate will be able to oversee manage and coordinate all events held by BWSE


The Prayer Coordinator’s purpose is to organize, schedule, and provide general leadership for the ministry’s prayer activities.


The ideal candidate will provide pastoral leadership to the worship team. they will also be responsible for the content of each worship session at BWSE events

Ministers: Current Vacancies

You can only apply by personal invitation by the directors of BWSE

operational Manager: Mentorship scheme

Operating at a senior management level, the manage will oversee the management of the Mentorship scheme.

Operational Manager: Training Academy

Operating a senior management level, the manager will oversee the direction and management of the Training Academy.

Operations Manager: Events Department

Qualified events manager to oversee and manage the running of all BWSE events.

In-House Trainer/tutor

Qualified TDLB or equivalent trainer/tutor to work in our Training & development Department for staff and learners.

SPSS Therapist: Training Academy

Qualified counsellor, or therapist to work on the spiritual and emotional development of the learners.

Mentor: Mentorship Scheme

Qualified Mentor to work with mentees within our Mentorship scheme Department

Academic Assessor: Training Academy

Qualified CAVA Assessor to mark, appraise the Training Academy's course work.