Prophetic Worship

Workshop to activate the Prophetic in Praise & Worship Teams



This workshop is designed for those who are relatively new to the prophetic or have some understanding about prophetic worship. It will give you some key tools to minister effectively under a prophetic anointing.  This is for any musician; Keyboardists, singers, drummers, guitarists, percussion, etc.  This workshop will show you how God uses instruments to communicate His Word to that which is seen and unseen and much more. You will come away with some foundation principles that will set you in good stead to study further into this fascinating topic and hopefully, spark your curiosity to see if God has endowed you with a prophetic gifting.  

Workshop syllabus

The workshop will cover topics such as;

What is the prophetic? Praise & worship – Its Prophetic History in context; Levitical priesthood and the prophetic; The tabernacle; Davidic worship; Prophetic  Praise & worship in His Ekklesia.

Yes. There will be sessions that are interactive and practical.  The workshop needs to be hosted at a church or venue with musical instruments available to administer the practical sessions effectively. 

Not at all! God uses prophetic people who are not prophets to communicate His word. If you are a musician or a singer, that’s all you need to be the right person in attendance. 

You will be able to:

  • Build your confidence to practice prophetic ‘flow’ in your worship sessions at church.
  • Pursue further studies on the prophetic ministry (we have beginners, intermediate and advanced studies) 

You have the option to complete the workbook and have it marked/ assessed by our dedicated assessors. However, we ask that every attendee pays a fee of £12 for the workbook as it will help you navigate each session and make notes you can keep.  If you do complete it and want it marked, one of our dedicated experience assessors will mark it for you at no extra cost with feedback you can use to help with further studies  if you so wish. 

They are held at host church which has a praise & worship team or about to build a praise & worship team. 

If you think that your team could benefit from this, do get in touch with us (or your senior pastor/leader) to have a chat about how this workshop can help the team. 

Quick quotes...

"The Prophetic is one of the oldest ministry in the Bible".
John ale
academic assessor
"There has been much abuse of the prophetic that many have discounted or neglected this precious gift given by God to His Ekklesia"
Adel Pinnock
Senior trainer

Does your Praise Team want to host a workshop?

About the trainer

Apostle Adel Pinnock is a renowned teacher and trainer of the Word of God.  For over 15 years, she has taught on the prophetic ministry and trains emerging prophets and prophetic people to embrace their call through study, mentoring and spiritual growth through her Training Academy. She is a mentor of mentors and a leader of leaders in which she is passionate to pass on the legacy of ‘servant leadership’ to those God has entrusted to her.  

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