foundation to intercession

What is the meaning of intercession? Is it needed today? Why does God still need us to pray in an intercessory capacity? This course will explore this and more to give you a clear Biblical understanding of what it means to be an intercessor for the Kingdom of God. 


This course is designed for those who may already be actively intercessors at their church or ministry but haven’t studied it at foundation level.  


The course is broken down into 5 modules making it easier for you to complete the course in a ‘bitesize’ format. We are able to give you a certificate for each module completed.  

  • Module 1 -Approaching Intercession
  • Module 2: Intercessors of the Bible and beyond.
  • Module 3: The Heart of an Intercessor
  • Module 4: Types of Intercession.
  • Module 5 Technology of Intercession

 You have up to 4 weeks access to the module.

Anyone who has an interest to learn about the intercession at foundation level. Also, those involved in the prayer ministry but not yet had any formal training in this area.  

You have the option to complete the workbook as it is part of the module fee. If you do complete it, one of our dedicated experience assessors will mark it for you with feedback you can use to help with further studies on the topic. 

The content in each module will provide key foundational principles needed for further study. You can also use it towards further studies with us in prayer, intercession & the prophetic. 

Not at all. You can buy as little or as many modules as you want. You will still receive a certificate of achievement for 1 module or for all 5 modules. 

Once you have paid the module fee, you will be given access to the course module. 

Quick quotes...

"Everyone is an intercessor but there are some individuals who have special missions and assignments given by God to fulfil a Kingdom task on earth.
Adel Pinnock
course director